Supporting you in the life you lead 

The Personal Development & Welfare Programme works to support your ‘unique’ lifestyle. This means supporting you during your developmental years, throughout your professional playing career, during the latter stages of your career and even beyond being a professional.

Developing and maintaining a balanced lifestyle and managing conflicting commitments is not always easy, especially during summer months, which is why Lifestyle support is there to help you in everything you do. So from things like personal budgeting, to looking for a sponsor, or time management and personal organisation, help is at hand. We hope that by supporting your lifestyle we in turn support your cricket.

The links and resources in this section are there to help you, and we appreciate that everyone is different, so whatever the nature of your experience, support is accessible through contacting your regional adviser or within their referral network.

Time Management

Time Management Introduction
General Guidelines
To-Do List Guidelines and Example
Things To Do List
Weekly Planner

Agents and Sponsorship

Do I Need an Agent?
Sponsorship; Example CV, Covering Letter and Top Tips   




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