The Career Development Process

The ultimate aim of the PCA Personal Development Managers is to support players in creating satisfying lives for themselves, during and after their cricketing career. Developing alternative career interests and experience can greatly aid players in their transition from cricket into the wider world of work. However, deciding what alternative career to follow can be challenging for those who are uncertain about their interests and skills off the field, or with limited knowledge and experience of career areas and the opportunities that are out there. This is where your Personal Development Manager can support you.

The links below provide an overview of the career development process that you will work through with your PD Coach in order to learn more about yourself, the world of work, and to identify career areas that you are most interested in and suited to. Your PD Coach will then support and encourage you to research these areas further and, where necessary, undertake work experience in order to assess your ‘real life’ suitability.

Once you have established what career area you want to work in, the PD Manager will support you in becoming job ready. This may involve attaining more work experience, training or gaining recognised qualifications, developing your network of contacts or simply putting together an appropriate covering letter and CV, and preparing for an interview.

The Career Development Process

The Career Development Process: A Step-By-Step Guide

Personal Development & Welfare and PLAN pathway flowchart