CV, Covering Letters and Interviews

“The purpose of the covering letter is to get the employer to read your curriculum vitae (CV), the purpose of your CV is to get an interview, and the purpose of an interview is to get a job offer.” Faust and Faust, 2006.

This section contains information on how to apply for a job and manage the interview process. The links below provide guidelines on how to write a good CV and covering letter, and offer guidance on interview preparation and technique.

Players are reminded that these resources do not replace the regular one-to-one support that Personal Development Managers provide in this area. So, have a go at writing your CV and a covering letter, practise answering interview questions, and then contact your Personal Development Manager for feedback, additional support and guidance.

Writing your CV

CV Clinic
CV do’s and don’ts
Personal Statement Examples
CV Example 1
CV Example 2
CV Example 3
CV Example 4
Click here to access CV’s in Word

Covering Letters

Covering letter writing skills

Preparing for Interviews

Interview Preparation
Interview Questions
Top 10 Questions
Answering Difficult Interview Questions
Interview Questions for Career Changes
Interview Do’s and Don’ts


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