1-2-1 Interview Training

Are your job interview skills a little rusty? If so, take advantage of the 1-2-1 Interview Training service being provided by the PCA's Personal Development Managers. With massive competition in the current jobs market, the ability to successfully market your skills and positively influence potential employers has never been so important. Support will be given on:

  • Create instant rapport with your interviewer.
  • Apply techniques to increase your confidence and ability to influence.
  • Understand the mindset of the interviewer.
  • Effectively communicate your skills and experience with authority.
  • Sell yourself without selling your soul.


To find out more and to arrange your free 1-2-1 consultation, contact your regional Personal Development Manager.






Why are manhole Covers Round?
Interview Success Guide
by Charlie Mulraine
Available through the PCA
at a reduced rate £7.
Please contact Ali Prosser