Christians in Sport 

Representing Christians in Sport, former Leicestershire player Nick Ferraby and Andrew Wingfield Digby, a former Oxford University and Minor County cricketer who served as chaplain to the England Cricket team,  are partnered once again with the PCA this year to offer support to players, both those with Christian faith and those who are not sure yet.

Christians in Sport supports around 100 professional sportspeople across different sports, including 15-20 players at present on the county circuit. Nick and Andrew would be happy to meet or chat in total confidence, at any point, about faith or any other issue.

Ben Scott says, “Christians in Sport is a superb organisation providing help and support in a wide range of areas. Whether you are struggling with your current sporting performance or unhappy in any aspect of your life, it is always comforting to be listened to and to get an honest perspective on things and the real issues in life. I've had a faith in God for many years yet still, like many people at various stages of their journey, have many questions. CIS is there to help those at any stage of their understanding of the Christian faith and conduct themselves with extreme dignity and integrity.”

If you have any questions, please contact Nick Ferraby on 07713095722 or email , Nick Andrew on 07768 611232 or  


Muslim Confidential Helpline

A confidential, non judgmental, listening and emotional support service for the community in the UK.

Call 020 8904 8193 or 020 8908 6715 or visit the website

The Muslim Sports Council

Who we are

The Muslim Sports Council (MSC) is an organisation set up to recognise the needs and celebrate the value of Muslims in sport. There is much to celebrate for Muslims in sport, while at the same time, there are challenges to overcome.

MSC aims to highlight the input of Muslims in sport, and remove obstacles by providing a platform for interaction and networking, as well as an opportunity to present Islam on a wider scale.

We have already forged relationships and partnerships with a number of organisations, governing bodies and key people within sport.

MSC will act as an advisory body to the PCA, enabling synergies to be achieved, removing the barriers for Muslims in cricket and creating a platform for networking and opportunity.

Cricket is a very popular sport across the world. We strongly believe that MSC will bring great ethical and social values that will be of benefit to the players.

The MSC will:

Work towards providing adequate prayer facilities for players and spectators.

Provide a guidebook, which will outline the needs of Muslims in their profession and how the clubs can help to fulfil their religious requirements.

Provide innovative and practical initiatives at grass-roots level, including coaching, training, and development for young Muslim players and coaches.

Implement the provision of Halal food for players that require it and also for spectators.

Provide workshops to educate people in sport about Muslim requirements within the game.

Next steps

MSC will represent Muslim cricketers in conjunction with the PCA and provide services to cater for their needs.

For more information, please visit,or contact the Muslim Sports Council on



Sikh Helpline

A confidential telephone counselling and email inquiry service where you can get help and obtain information on Sikhism and cultural issues. It is run by trained people who are conversant in both English and Punjabi.