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Contract Advice

We have put together a range of ideas to consider if you are renegotiating a new contract with your club or a new club.

To dowload the full document please click below: 

To download a copy of the Standard County Player Contract: 

To download a copy of Schedule 1 of the Standard Contract:  

To download the implementation notes (of standard ECB contract):  


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Commercial Contracts Advice

The PCA have put together a template for an endorsement agreement to assist players in formalising personal sponsorship deals.

This has been prepared on the basis that the player (rather than an image rights/service company) will enter into the contract. However, there is the option to novate the contract to the image rights/service company if one is subsequently set up. The template has not been prepared for use with cricket clothing and equipment deals, as these tend to use specific clauses and terms.

For the agreement/template, or any advice or assistance on commercial agreements please contact Jason Ratcliffe on 07768 558050 or via email on