confidential helpline

No obligation, no demands – just help when you need it

The Confidential Helpline has been set up for players who would like to talk to a professional counsellor and therapist in absolute confidence.

If you are struggling with a personal problem such as drink, drugs or gambling dependency, family issues, bereavement, depression or anything else that may be affecting your game and your life in general, help is just a phone call away. 

  • Free confidential help and support when and where you need it.

  • Experienced, professional counsellors and therapists and life coaches who understand the pressures of your profession.

The helpline doesn’t have to be the first port of call. You could chat to a PCA employee or colleague and be put directly in touch with help. If you’re in real danger, then we’ll have somebody with you within hours.

The first call is just the start. Face-to-face meetings as close to your home, or at home, will follow as soon as a need is ascertained.

Don’t delay a call. There is no such thing as a time waster with this service 





The Professional Cricketers’ Confidential Helpline is endorsed and supported by the PCA and the ECB and set up specifically for the benefit of professional cricketers past and present.



0844 800 6873 (UK CALLS)

+44 (0) 1373 858080 (INTERNATIONAL) 

or speak to our Confidential Helpline Co-ordinator, David Raines on 07711 018440 -






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