ANTI-corruption Tutorial


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Here are 3 simple steps to protect yourself:




  • The ECB Anti-Corruption Code applies – there's a link to it below, but, in a nutshell, this means... 

  • Do not bet on cricket - simple

  • Match fixing or spot fixing is a complete 'No No'

  • Don't Misuse inside information ON'T MISUSE INSIDE INFORMATION – sensitive information you know by being in the team should never be disclosed outside the team. If in doubt – say nothing.

  •  You must report any suspicious approaches or information – this is a positive obligation. The ECB Anti-Corruption Hotline is 0845 2658000 or email , but you should report to whomever you feel most comfortable doing so, so, if you have any doubts or questions, talk to the PCA - Jason Ratcliffe or David Leatherdale are both available and our contact details are below.

  • The penalties are sever and potentially career-ending – the long bans from all cricket are just the start – the loss of your reputation and the shame you'll face will stay with you forever.



  • Do not allow yourself to be "groomed" – unscrupulous individuals might try to develop a relationship with you built on favours or fears which they will later try and exploit. Be wary of flashy and over-generous "fans" you've never met before.

  • Do not get into debt – debt puts you under someone else's control and this can be exploited. Sportsmen in debt and gamblers are notoriously targeted by match fixers.

  • If gifts and "support" seem too good to be true, they usually come with a cost – be careful who you befriend and who you trust.

  • Corruptors use information you provide about yourself on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter to approach you – be careful what you say about yourself in public.


You can never be too well informed about this important subject and there's a lot of material available for extra reading or knowledgeable people you can talk to. Start with the Sports Betting Code of Conduct for Athletes, which is a short, plain English guide produced by athletes for athletes.

For further information, please contact:

Jason Ratcliffe 07768 558050, David Leatherdale 07990 558681 ECB Designated Anti-Corruption Official; Chris Watts - 0845 265 8000 -

Mervyn Westfield tells his story

Mervyn Westfield has spoken out for the first time about the chain of events which led to him receiving a prison sentence for spot-fixing. He has worked with the PCA to produce a powerful video designed to educate fellow players about the risks they face, and the consequences of succumbing to temptation. 

Click below to see Mervyn's interview:



Some simple pointers from the PCA  As we know from recent events in both domestic and international cricket, spot and match fixing is a very real threat to the integrity of our sport. In particular, televised matches are extremely attractive to match fixers and other corrupt gamblers. This means your participation in top level cricket puts you at risk and you need to take steps to protect yourself and the game from these threats.

 The anti-corruption tutorial is mandatory for any player registered to one of the first-class counties. A new anti corruption module was launched in April 2016.

To request a link to complete the anti-corruption tutorial, please contact Ali Prosser at Excerpts from the Anti-Corruption Online Tutorial

Darren Stevens tells his story

Darren Stevens, the Kent all-rounder, has joined cricket’s fight against corruption by warning players that they must report any suspicious behaviour immediately.

Stevens was charged with failing to report an alleged suspicious approach while he was playing in the Bangladesh Premier League two years ago.

He was cleared by a Bangladesh Cricket Board anti-corruption tribunal in February 2014 but now wants other players to learn from what he describes as a “brutal” experience which threatened his future as a professional cricketer.

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