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The PCA’s Addictive Behaviour Programme, in association with the Professional Cricketers’ Helpline, has been running for a number of years. Recently, we have launched a series of Mind MattersTutorials with the intention of educating members, both current and past professional cricketers, to help identify crucial warning signs andLLP Logo how to get help.


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This page contains additional information and resources relating to addictive behaviour issues. Jason Ratcliffe, PCA Assistant CEO comments, "We are fortunate not to have widespread problems with addictive behaviour issues within the game, but there have been a few documented cases and it would be naive to think that it will never be an issue for players. The PCA prides itself on being proactive on behalf of the players especially with educational issues. Ultimately, our wider Personal Development Programme is about driving performance. We aim to de-clutter all aspects of players' lives to enable them to fulfil their maximum potential, giving players every chance to be as good as they hope to be.The knock on effect is that we produce better cricketers, increase standards within the game and help our National team to have increasing success"

Keith Piper"People from all sections of society face challenges with addictions such as alcohol, gambling, and drugs so it would be naïve to think it will never happen to a professional cricketer. Therefore, I'm delighted that the PCA have taken the positive and proactive step of developing an education and awareness programme for County Cricketers. The ECB Personal Development Coaches will work in close partnership with the PCA and Performance Healthcare to innovatively deliver the programme over the next year." Simon Timson PhD, ECB Science and Medicine Manager.

Keith Piper has provided key input in putting the programme together. Building on the experience of his own addiction which sadly ended his cricketing career in 2005.

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(References to Warwickshire CCC by ground or clothing worn by actors is in no way reference to any issues at the club.)

For more information on the programme contact Jason Ratcliffe on 07768 558050 or


Alcoholics Anonymous

0845 769 755

The Royal College of Psychiatrists




Drugs Cocaine

Anonymous 0800 612 0225

Narcotics Anonymous


Anxiety and Depression

Mind Infoline 0300 123 3393

U Can Cope


PCA Confidential Helpline 0844 800 6873 (UK) +44 (0) 1373 858080 (International)



GamCare 0808 8020 133 

Gamblers Anonymous Gambling Commission


Historical News Features



The England cricket team has now seen two players 
Marcus Trescothicksuffer breakdowns on tour in the last five years. In a 5 
live Sport special, the former England captain Michael
Vaughan examines the unique factors in cricket that
might lead to such problems, and what the sport can do
to reverse the trend. He's joined by Marcus Trescothick,
and hears also from Matthew Hoggard and Kevin Saxelby,
whose brother Mark committed suicide.


Ed Cowan, top-order batsman with Tasmania, has written
an article on depression within professional cricket which
also examines factors that may be particular to the sport, 
and makes suggestions for further research and discussion.
Read it




Alcohol and Drugs

Richard Doughty

The high suicide rate among professional cricketers has
been much discussed in recent years in the press. In an
article published in The Times in 2006, Richard Doughty
very bravely talks about his unexpected exit from cricket
and the long lasting effect it has had on his life.

Please take time to read this article. There may be past
and current players who can identify with the emotions

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