A legacy gift left in your will would be a wonderful donation to continuing the work we do in helping and supporting current and former players.

Whatever the size of your legacy gift, we will ensure it is used wisely and cost-effectively.

We understand that leaving a legacy is a special and personal decision. That’s why our charity Trustees are available to answer any questions you may have.  In the first instance please contact Jason Ratcliffe jratcliffe@thepca.co.uk  Tel: 07768 558050

We understand and agree that your family and friends come first, and promise to treat you and your family with courtesy, sensitivity and respect.

Your legacy will help us be there for every member. Together we can make sure they have the best future they could possibly achieve.

In recent years, Andrew Roseberry, Jamie Hood and Winston Davis are great examples of the help that can be achieved by the money raised for the Benevolent Fund.  Andrew, who was told he may never walk again due to a lesion on his spine, underwent a nine hour surgery.

Since then The PCA Benevolent Fund, has funded additional physiotherapy to help his recovery.

“The Benevolent Fund has been absolutely fantastic. One of the major helps has been the extra physiotherapy they have provided,” Roseberry said.

“I go up to Sunderland twice a week through the NHS but the Benevolent Fund has helped out for extra physio and I am seeing a neurology specialist at Newcastle who has been fantastic. I see him once a week and he has seen massive improvements each time I have been.

“He works with the physios at the hospital and he teaches them so they are working together on my progress which is brilliant.

“It’s nice to know that, in the Benevolent Fund, you have got someone there just a phone call away that will pretty much do anything for you.”




The Benevolent Fund, which is generously supported by Royal London, helps former and current cricketers and their immediate family members in times of hardship and upheaval by providing vital funding for operations, helping those who are having difficulty adjusting to life after cricket find an alternative career and helping current players with professional support and expert advice.

The Benevolent Fund touches the lives of hundreds of past and current players through the holistic work that the PCA’s six-strong team of Personal Development and Welfare Managers do in preparing them for life after cricket, whilst at the same making them more confident people during their career – ‘better people , better cricketers’.

“Farming helps my cricket, in a way that I’m not laying on a sofa thinking about technique. In any elite team the environment is pretty brutal.  It is the release of getting away from the pressure of international cricket and doing something totally different, so that you’re not always thinking about cricket”.  Alastair Cook, England and Essex CCC.

I’ve found that getting involved in other things outside of cricket has been really good for me in terms of my game on the pitch”. Heather Knight, England Women’s Captain 

James Anderson

  • PCA contribute a minimum of 50% to the cost of all education funding costs incurred by a member, including 100% of ECB coaching levels 1,2 & 3
  • Engagement in the programme has increased from 15% in 2004 to 82% in 2015
  • Over £1.25m has been spent on personal development educational funding in the last decade
  • Over half of the education funding applications per year now come from former players
  • PDM’s act as a first line of referral and signpost into PCA’s programme of health and wellbeing

Funds raised for the Benevolent Fund have allowed pioneering work on mental health and wellbeing for past and present players through the Mind Matters series.

Please take a look at this video to see what your legacy gift can do for people’s live. 




Andrew Flintoff, the new President of the Professional Cricketers' Association, has continued his support for the Association's mental health awareness campaign by becoming a PCA Mental Health Ambassador.

Flintoff is not new to the subject, after openly discussing his issues with depression in a documentary that he led in 2009, called 'Freddie Flintoff: ‘Hidden Side of Sport” for BBC, where he interviewed a number of high profile cricketers and sportspeople, who have suffered mental health issues, including, Steve Harmison, Neil Fairbrother, both dressing room colleagues whilst playing cricket, Neil Lennon, Graham Dott and Ricky Hatton.

The PCA used aspects of the programme, in the formation of its own core, online mental health awareness programme, 'Mind Matters' where Flintoff, features in the Anxiety and Depression module.

Full details can be viewed here:



If you are interested in supporting the PCA Benevolent Fund by including a gift in your Will, here is some suggested wording that you could give to your solicitor:

I leave PCA Benevolent Fund, Registered Charity in England and Wales (Reg No: 1120088) 

either: the sum of £                                         absolutely

or: my collection of                                         absolutely

or: a                       % portion of the residue of my estate absolutely

… for the general purposes of the charity.

If you require any further information, please contact Jason Ratcliffe – jratcliffe@thepca.co.uk or tel no 07768 558 050.

Thank you for considering to leave a legacy gift for the PCA Benevolent Fund in your will.