Since 2005 MCC has funded six university cricket academies in England and Wales - the MCC Universities (MCCUs). The aim of the MCCUs is to give talented young cricketers the chance to receive top-level coaching and playing opportunities whilst furthering their education.

Even the very finest sporting academies do not have a  100% success rate, so the MCCUs offer the best environment to excel on and off the sporting field, and the opportunity to obtain a degree which will be valuable whether the dream of professional cricket becomes reality or not.

The MCCUs are based in Cambridge, Cardiff, Durham, Leeds, Loughborough and Oxford, and incorporate a total of thirteen institutions. They offer hundreds of courses for students of all academic levels, and, critically for the aspiring cricketer, some of the best coaching and facilities available anywhere in the country.

Most importantly, the scheme works. Around a fifth of all Englishqualified players in the county system attended an MCCU, and several current captains (including Andrew Strauss) are graduates. MCCUs don't just produce good cricketers, they produce strong leaders and rounded characters - and those traits are important for success both in cricket and the wider working world.

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